The GKmasterclass is the result of 25 years of
experience in product development and teaching as well
as studio-recording and live-performing. The magnificent
sum of his quest for great guitar tone and sounds.

Through his work for well-known companies in the areas
of product development, product demonstration and
guitar sound consulting, Gundy Keller’s Audio Management provides tremendous depth of knowledge and 25 years of experience.

The GKmasterclass kicks off its coaching with an
ACTUAL/TARGET-analysis which helps
to realize the intended customer’s vision
and transfer it into optimized
and professional-sounding results.

It is THE tool for guitarists
currently not happy with their sound
who are looking for a real solution.

„If it doesn´t work – fix it !”
Gundy Keller

Here you find an Interview from Gundy Keller 
with the Journal Guitar Dreams. PDF-Download