Mission possible


In the beginning:
are hence always the basics.
Guitars, strings, pickups, cables, amps, cabinets, speakers,
effects, connections and switching systems
explained from scratch and easily put to the the point.

Your job:

just listen and connect your equipment with fresh new knowledge,
play and marvel, cope trial and error situations calmly,
try out all my guitars, amps
and effects here in the studio and create your
best-of-sounds independently.


Equipment is not everything! Your fingers,
soul, heart, brain and will contribute the largest
in part to a good sound. Valuable tips, tricks,
inspiration, motivation and lots of fun
will help you to redefine as a musician and
sound even better.

Fun factor:

comes in much too short at many music stores
when it comes to check equipment. Simple questions during a
GKmasterclass are rewarded with gummy bears, being
not familiar with guitar equipment is desired and will not
be mocked.