What´s it about

GKmasterclass – Gundy Keller’s professional coaching for unique guitar sounds:

Intensive training regarding amps, pedals, multi-effects and guitars

Learn to understand guitars and effects

Learn to correctly adjust, wire up and use guitar equipment

Playing coaching … the sound also comes from the fingers

The GKmasterclass is the result of 30 years of experience in product development and teaching as well as studio-recording and live-performing.

The ultimate sum of these experiences will help every guitarist on his quest for great guitar tone and sounds

The GKmasterclass kicks off its coaching with an ACTUAL/TARGET-analysis which helps to realize the desired customer’s vision and transfer it into optimized and professional-sounding results.

It is THE tool for guitarists currently not happy with their sound who are looking for a real solution.

Gundy Keller’s GKmasterclass provides enormous depth of knowledge and 30 years of experience achieved through his work for well-known companies in the field of product development, product demonstration and guitar sound consulting.