Have a plan… how do you make professional guitar sounds?


Creating sounds is as easy as e.g. cooking. For a delicious menu, you just need good ingredients…
ie: efficient equipment, a portion of creativity, skills, ingenuity and: a plan.

The vision:

You have a vision about how you want to sound? All you need is to know your equipment and learn how to use it for your sound goal.

Too many choices cause agony

Client: “I own 15 stompboxes, 4 different amprigs and a dozen guitars. Nevertheless, I am constantly unsatisfied with the stuff“

GK masterclass Pedals

Mission Possible

In the beginning :

… we always start with the basics. Guitars, strings, pickups, cables, amps, cabinets, speakers, effects, connections and switching systems are explained simply and systematically.

Your job:

Just listen and connect your equipment with fresh new knowledge, play and marvel, manage trial and error situations calmly, try out all my guitars, amps and effects here in the studio and create your best-of-sounds  independently.


Equipment is not everything! Your fingers, soul, heart, brain are the main contributors to a good sound. Valuable tips, tricks, inspiration, motivation and lots of fun will help you to redefine yourself as a musician and sound much better.

➔ Fun factor:

… is usually cut short in many music stores when it comes to checking out equipment. Simple questions during a GKmasterclass will be rewarded with gummy bears, not being familiar with guitar equipment is desired and will not be frowned upon.

➔ I´d like to…

Client: ” I´d like to sound like The Edge, David Gilmour and Eric Johnson: Phaser, Flanger, Vibrato, Rotary Effects, Chorus, Uni-Vibe, Tremolo, Pitch Shifter, Tape Echo, Modulated Delay, Reverb… do I really need all of this gear to achieve spherical guitar sounds? “

    Digital vs Analog

    Customer: “The Grail is analogue, has taught me the sound police. However, I constantly hear guys with digital devices who sound really good! Is it the fingers, is it voodoo or is there something to learn?”