GKmasterclass Music Coaching… Music lessons of a different kind

Gundy Keller has been playing drums since early childhood. The result is an enormous sense of rhythm, which is still reflected in his work as a professional guitarist, bassist, composer, producer and coach with a high recognition value. His musical roots go back to the 70s, and his music shows African-American influences, enriched with rock and pop.

The result is an extremely versatile guitar and bass player with extensive knowledge in the field of composition and music production.

The founding of his music school “ROCKSOUND Music School” in Aschaffenburg took place in the 80s and Gundy was Headmaster for 22 years.

His extensive knowledge of music and making music is bundled in the GKmasterclass for over 10 years and helps all guitarists who have sound issues, but also in re-entering the music field and further developing their music skills.

The GKmasterclass Music Coaching is a personalized music class of a different kind, working with restructuring of previously learned skills and the closing of knowledge gaps.

In most cases, it starts with a rhythmic and harmonic rehabilitation, special attention to a clean technique, theoretical and harmonic relation of what is played and above all: it is immediately put into practice – you make music!

The main goal is: You should be able to easily play and interpret songs / riffs / solos and interact better with other musicians. Learn how to improvise and make music freely on the guitar, as well as find your own individual tone.

The GKmasterclass Music Coaching is an intensive guitar coaching which takes place only in one-on-one lessons. In doing so, the participant and his / her level of knowledge are dealt with individually. Immediately noticeable and audible improvements of the guitar playing are achieved.

Beginners can unfortunately not be instructed in GKmasterclass Music Coaching. The musician should already have some experience in playing the instrument and should have no major rhythmic problems. A certain enthusiasm and passion should be present!